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Eau de Rochas parfum lemon decoration


Eau de Rochas celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Five decades during which it has never ceased to be in the hearts and on the skin of women. Half a century of freshness and joy that have made this fragrance, with its inimitable silhouette, a classic of perfumery, a timeless success.

Delicate like a bunch of freshly picked flowers – fragrant narcissus, jasmine and rose, infused with citrus and verbena.

Effervescent as a waterfall – fresh with opulent chypre and deep woody notes of myrrh, vetiver and oak moss.

Eau de Rochas is a solar and feminine eau de Cologne that evokes the summer, the sun and the sea.

Eau de Rochas parfum
lemon decoration
Eau de Rochas parfum

L'Eau de Rochas spans generations. Everyone has their reasons for loving and wearing it, for sunny days or forever. Iconic and elegant, it doesn’t have to follow trends, its singular alchemy binds it to women and their daughters, and makes it an true essential shared like a talisman.

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