Artistic Director of women's fashion at Rochas.

Rochas spirit and DNA stands for pure Luxury, Savoir-Faire, feminine silhouettes, attention to details, the craftsmanship and highest quality of fabrics and fabrication. I believe the name ROCHAS is very evocative and rich in history, but at the same time ageless and modern. It is a unique brand, as it is one of the oldest Luxury Maisons in France. Rochas woman is self-confident, inspired, eccentric and passionate about art and travel. She loves the freshness of chic sportswear, and at the same time can be more feminine and sophisticated for evening wear. The finest and richest design and fabrics, that belong to a couture heritage, are worn with an easy wear attitude.

Born in 1962 in the lively, cosmopolitan chaos of Naples and schooled at the local Academy of Fine Arts, Dell'Acqua fell under the spell of fashion pretty soon. Alessandro is barely twenty when he got his first job at Enrica Massei, until he landed at Genny, where he cut his teeth under Gianni Versace and later worked as a design director for the brand's edgier lines.

In 1996 Alessandro Dell'Acqua took his fate into his own hands and went solo, launching his eponymous line to immediate critical and commercial acclaim. Sensual, modernist and feminine, the collection spawned an equally sensual, decidedly modernist menswear spin-off in 1998. In 2002, at the peak of success, Dell'Acqua was awarded with the Fashion Oscar for best womenswear designer.

In 2013 Alessandro Dell'Acqua has been named creative director of the house of Rochas.

Rochas being a quintessentially French maison, Dell'Acqua brings his deep know how and taste for sensually modern elegance. The result is a contemporary take on the iconic feminine Rochas style is known for. Dell'Acqua's interpretation is individual and slightly off-kilter.